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iL Vulcino 100% Italian EVOO Il Principe di Vulci- Harvest 2020/2021


A discovery- A wonder. An ancient Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made with love by a wonderful couple living in a small village 100km from Rome. Eugenie Grigolini is the face of the brand and a delight.

This particular bottle, 2020/2021 harvest, is a coupage (blend) of local olives. The cultivars are: Frantoio, Leccino and an Etruscan olive called Caninese. 

Think of a blend of local olives as an orchestra. Each instrument works in harmony and together they form a sound where the sum is greater than the whole. And each year the harvest delivers a varied product that is a result of the weather, care of the trees and skill of the miller.

This product is organic grown and will be labeled as such next harvest. 

The flavors are abundantly fragrant, herb like, and very central Italian. With a corresponding intensity of bitter and pungent finish. 

This product is not yet found in stores in the USA. So try it from us at EVOOGUY Truck and write a review if you love it as much as we do. 

Best use; Raw, drizzled on fresh vegetables, over fish, savory grilled meat, or dip bread into it. 

Customer Reviews

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Hilda C
Big bold and yummy

This olive oil is bright and bold. It’s not shy and neither should you about buying some. This on some fresh pasta, some roasted veggies or drizzled over a steak would be great.

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